Affiliate program (contract).

version 1. update 2020 July 15th


TREBIUS VALENS sprl, rue du Transvaal 77 à 7131 Binche, hereafter the seller

and you, hereafter the affiliate,

1. Program description

The purpose of the affiliate program is to allow you to promote our products on your website, place of sale and social networks in return for a commission on the sales made through you through special links or promotional codes.

A  product  is any item sold on the partner site with the explicit exception of products defined as excluded from the affiliate program. A product may also include services explicitly included in the affiliate program.  

2. Application - Commitment

To begin the affiliate program, you must complete the appropriate registration form. You must identify your site or social media profile. We will evaluate your application and inform you of its acceptance or refusal. We may refuse your participation in our sole discretion. This discretion also applies if your site or social networks

      1. Promotes or contains sexual information,
      2. Promotes violence or contains hateful information,
      3. Promotes or contains defamatory information,
      4. Promotes discrimination, uses discriminatory practices based among other things on race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age,
      5. Promotes or engages in illegal activities,
      6. Does not respect legislation on intellectual property rights.

If we reject your application, you are invited to reapply at any time. 

If we accept your application, and subsequently find that your site or social networks do not comply with our general policy, we may unilaterally terminate your participation in the affilliate program.

You ensure that the information provided in the application form for this programme is accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times. We may send you information, notifications to the address communicated via the form. This information is considered received and known.

3. Links on your site and social networks

After you have received notification of your acceptance as a affiliate of our brand, you are allowed to use the links and promotional codes linked to your account. 

Dedicated links are links to our site that you place on your site or social networks in accordance with our general commercial policy. The links you use respect the form given by the affiliate program. Their correct use allows the tracing, deferral and calculation of commissions on sales.

You will earn money only as described in section 7 and only by properly using the links and promotional codes provided by the referral program. We have no obligation to pay if you do not correctly use the links specifically dedicated to your sponsorship.

If you wish to communicate links and codes on a mobile application, social network, blog etc or any other support different from your main activity, you must specify this in your application form. We will assess the content for acceptance or refusal to participate in the affiliate program.

4. Program terms and conditions

As an affiliate of TREBIUS VALENS, you agree to this Agreement in its entirety and to all pages, programs, policies, guides, promotional materials provided as part of the Affiliate Program. This is considered material for the affiliate program.

You must be actively involved in the program. To claim the payment of his commissions, the affiliate must communicate at least 3 posts on social networks.

You must provide us with proof of the correct use of the elements made available to you.

If we find that you do not comply with the rules for the use of the affiliate program, we are entitled to

      1. Remove all commission payments related to your affiliation,
      2. Close all accounts you created for your affiliate program,
      3. Terminate our contract binding you as a affiliate of TREBIUS VALENS
      4. To take any action, possibly legal, necessary.

By participating in the affiliate program, you agree to

      • sending emails related to affiliate program activities,
      • Registration, use of your visitors' information on your site obtained through the special links of the affiliation program. 
      • Visit your site and social networks to check their agreement with our general policy and this affiliation agreement.

5. Responsibility for your website and social networks

You are solely responsible for your site and social networks. TREBIUS VALENS cannot be held responsible for any technical or other problems related to the use of your website and/or social networks by your users/end customers.  

You explicitly acknowledge that TREBIUS VALENS sprl, its shareholders, employees, partners cannot be linked to the misuse or exploitation of your communication tools (website and/or social networks).

6. Sales Process and Ordering

We will carry out complete and exclusive sales management, delivery of orders placed through special links and promotional code assigned to you. These sales will be recorded and tracked as affiliated sales as agreed in Article 7 of this Agreement.

7. Advertising Commissions

We will pay you advertising fees for the affiliation program in accordance with Article 8 of this contract. In the event of a payment error, we reserve the right to adjust the payment in the following settlements.

Commissions are due 

      • when the link visits the TREBIUS VALENS website via a special link on your website or social networks
      • When the customer uses a promotional code dedicated to your affialiation program

are excluded 

      • sales made outside the customer’s cookie retention period
      • Products placed in the customer’s shopping cart that are not validated or paid for.
      • Unregistered sales related to the affiliation program due to misuse of links and codes by the sponsor.
      • Taxes and transport costs
      • Sales cancelled, returned
      • Sales using codes and links for your purchases, your partners, etc. Are therefore excluded personal purchases or orders made by you for others),
      • Orders placed for resale,
      • Orders placed after the close of this contract,
      • Sales where the affiliate rewards the buyer on his own,

8. Payment of advertising commissions

We pay the commissions on a monthly basis on the basis of the actual eligible turnover achieved (see point 7). Payment is made approximately 30 days after the end of each calendar month.

The payment will be made for a minimum amount of € 50.00, the periods may cumulate if necessary. 

The amount payable includes all taxes and services. 

If you have an independent status, or act on behalf of a legal entity, and are subject to VAT, you will be asked to send us an invoice issued in the name of your professional activity in compliance with the tax laws in force.

If you do not have independent status and therefore act on an occasional basis, you will send a statement of the advertising commissions related to the commissions to be received. In the event of a commission payment exceeding €125.00 annually, a statement will be sent to the Belgian tax authorities.

Non-compliance with tax rules remains the responsibility of the affiliate. The latter therefore undertakes to comply with the applicable tax legislation for the documents transmitted to TREBIUS VALENS sprl.  

The affiliate shall ensure that his or her bank details and any changes are communicated within the required time.

9. Trade Policy and Pricing

Customers who purchase products from are considered customers of TREBIUS VALENS.

Therefore, TREBIUS VALENS' tariffs and general conditions of sale apply. TREBIUS VALENS sprl may change its general conditions of sale and pricing of its products at any time (without informing the affiliate).

10. Communication

You will not use your participation in the affiliation program for promotional purposes, with the press or any other public without the prior consent of TREBIUS VALENS. 

You will not affect the relationship between you and TREBIUS VALENS by any means.

11. Limitation and Amendment of this Agreement

Apart from any explicitly written agreement between TREBIUS VALENS and the affiliate, only this contract applies.

TREBIUS VALENS reserves the right to modify this contract. Any changes will be communicated by email at least 7 days before the application of the new contract.

12. Surrender

The affiliate may terminate this Agreement with 7 days notice by sending a letter to or by sending a letter to

rue du Transvaal 77
7131 Binche (Belgique)

13. Issue

In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the jurisdiction in which TREBIUS VALENS has its registered office shall be deemed competent.