Why pre-order ?

Our project pleases you? You want to make it increase ? By inviting you to pre-order most of our creations, we wish to give you the possibility of helping us to progress. When the society suffers from an overconsumption and from an overproduction, we make a commitment for a more respectful company of its environment, and thus, we want to produce only for what you wish.

To thank you, pre-orders now and get a promotional price during the first 3 weeks of the launch.

When do we start a production?

As soon as a minimum stock is reached, we start the production. On average, two weeks later, we send you your order.

The creation which you have pre-ordered is not produced?

It is simple, we pay off you!

We update regularly our web site so that you can follow the evolution of the creations. Do not hesitate to register you in mailing list to receive our information.

Thank you for your confidence and set, let us build the Empire TREBIUS VALENS
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