#TRBSVLNS Our creativity is for you !

#trebiusvalens CreativeEmpire, our passions at the heart of our company: the design, the creativity...

The passion for history, a city, a period... Certainly, two thousands years separate us from what Roman Empire was. Its graphical universe inspires us and brings us to a modern vision of themes developed by the Pompeian artists.

The passion for a lifestyle, a peaceful world, a Europe where social, environment, quality of life are at the heart of the priorities.

The passion for a nature, a planet which we want sustainable for our children.

A design for the taste of lines, forms, colours which surround us every day.

A design to reflect our joy of living, to share, to be with you.

A creativity, a pleasure to express our feelings through a drawing, through a music, through a sentence ...

Embark with us and #TRBSVLNS. We suggest you today participating in the launch of this new concept of TREBIUS Valens sprl, a style schedules on the theme of left sentences such timeless graffiti. 

We propose you a first entitled collection "the Graffiti of TRBSVLNS". According to your desires, adopt the style #TREBIUSVALENS  #CreativeDesign.

We make a commitment to create a sustainable, affordable, original product. Our social values stay at the heart of this project, his success will lead a growth which we shall share

Our products are unique ! Just like you moreover!


Our products are Eco-responsible! You too?


We believe in Europe the citizens, democratic, social, which offers us a comfortable living environment. We favor the European partnerships for the development of our activities. Participate in this positive Europe!

*TRBSVLNS it is also *MadeInEUROPE

Our creations have affordable prices... Why should we propose you products in unacceptable prices to be exceptional?