FOREWORD, the genesis of an imperial universe. I am often asked about the incredible inspiration that gave life to the imperial universe of TREBIUS VALENS. What is the origin of this creation... What is the genesis of this world? The dictionary Larousse defines creation as an original production taken from nothing. Would TREBIUS VALENS come from nothing?… Read more

Imperial route of TREBIUS VALENS

IMPERIAL ROUTE OF TREBIUS VALENS starts from Binche, (Belgium) where the creative spirit of TREBIUS VALENS is born. Surrounded by a medieval enclosure, the city of the gille is nevertheless open to the world. Of course, these physical ramparts invite people to withdraw into themselves, especially in troubled times; nevertheless, it is still possible… Read more

The DOUDOU is imperial!

The Belgian brand with Italian elegance, TREBIUS VALENS, is partnering with the boutique MONS OU VENIR to integrate the Doudou in the imperial style. Socks with the effigy of the DOUDOU After a collection inspired by the carnival of Binche, TREBIUS VALENS partners with the shop Mons où Venir to create a pair of socks with the effigy… Read more

Why should I preorder ?

The textile industry is one of the most polluting human activities. Fashion and its advertising encourage overconsumption. While our ancestors were content with a unique style, we are invited to adapt our styles according to the image we want to transmit to our surroundings. Most of the major brands, still at the… Read more

Binche, the challenge of a 100% made in Europe streetwear

The current health and economic crisis has revealed the importance of rethinking our consumption and production patterns. Concerned about the need to act for a new economy, Emmanuel CENNERAZZO and Martin GIGOUNON, creators of TREBIUS VALENS, opt for an active approach in social and environmental respect.In order to respect this commitment to responsible consumption,… Read more

The press is talking about it…

As soon as the opportunity is given to us, we release one or the other press release in order to share our creations, news, projects etc. In February 2020, it was the turn of the CCI MAG, the magazine of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Walloon Brabant to present our activity… Here is the content: Article published in… Read more


After a few weeks of delay, justified the COVID19 crisis, here is the time to return to Valenciennes. And yes, you read well, the creations of TREBIUS VALENS make an imperial return in the Hauts de France. A return, indeed. At the end of 2019, Anaïs Croisiaux welcomed us for the first time in its ephemeral boutique housed in the... Read more