We invite you to participate in the development of the imperial style of TREBIUS VALENS.

For each new creation, we invite you to purchase the product by pre-order… This helps to combat overproduction! To thank you for your patience, we offer you an advantageous price.

The 3 stages of financing imperial creations


  • we set a minimum amount to reach
  • you receive a +/- 25% discount on the final price (and even 30% the week of the launch)
  • the production does not take place? We refund you or offer you a voucher to be redeemed on a future purchase.


  • we started production
  • you will have to wait a little longer, and we offer you a 15% discount on the final price!

Step 3: STOCK

  • the products are in stock
  • the final price is applied, it is a fair price for the respect of the stakeholders of the production and of you, the imperial consumer.

Completely information


36/40, 40/45


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Objectif - Target - Obbiettivo : 80

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