Cérès is the goddess of the agriculture, the fertility of the ground.

During a drought in 496 BC, the sibylline books ordered the institution of the cult of Demeter, Dionysus and Persephone called by the latin names Ceres, liber and Liberia.

Cérès was the goddess of the plebeians: aediles plebis took care of its temple in Rome and had their official residences there. They were also responsible for games in her honor, the LUDI CEREAL.

The LUDI CEREAL took place every year from 12 till 19 April. It is an essentially joyful party in the course of which quite the world gets dressed of white.

Today still the agriculture has to be the object of all our attention. A return to a respectful culture of the earth has to be in the center of our concerns.

#CreativeEmpire of TREBIUS VALENS makes a commitment in its creations to favor producers worried of developing their products towards an environment-friendly economy.

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