In 2001, Emmanuel Cennerazzo and Martin Gigounon created their e-communication agency. Over time, their initial project resurfaced. In 2019, they launch IMPERIAL STYLE OF TREBIUS VALENS, a young and colorful urban style.

Belgian creation​

Established in Binche since 2001, our communication agency decided in 2019 to give free rein to the project of its creators. Thus was born IMPERIAL STYLE OF TREBIUS VALENS, a young and colorful urban style.

Inspired by Napoli​

Originally from Binche, but also from Naples, the creators of TREBIUS VALENS are inspired by the cultural fusion born from intra-European migrations. A graphic style where we find sometimes the clear line of Belgian comics, sometimes the colors and the exuberance of  Naples.

With European values​

Beyond a streetwear brand, TREBIUS VALENS wants to promote values specific to European diversity. Social and environmental respect is at the heart of our company’s development policy.

Our brand is eco-imperial​

We are committed to social, economic and environmental respect.

In the development of the TREBIUS VALENS brand, we want :

  • participate in a new business model. We respect the entire manufacturing and distribution chain by ensuring each stakeholder a correct profit margin without making the final consumer pay,
  • reduce our ecological impact by favouring European producers. Our creations are entrusted to Belgian, Italian and French artisans. We reduce the use of cartons and plastics by avoiding unnecessary packaging,
  • participate in local development by promoting local employment.