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Discover the T-shirt IMPORTANT LOGO of TREBIUS VALENS, a centerpiece of our collection. This iconic model highlights a graphic enlargement of the TREBIUS VALENS logo: the majestic snake Agathodaemon 🐍.

Design and Symbolism 🧿
The snake Agathodaemon, from ancient mythology, is a protective and benevolent deity. Symbol of fertility, health and prosperity, Agathodaemon was revered for his ability to bring happiness and fortune to those who invoked him. Wearing this T-shirt is to adopt an aura of positivity and well-being 🌟.

• Colours: Logo in white on black ⚪⚫
• Technique: High quality screen printing for exceptional durability and clarity 🎨
• Material: Organic cotton, soft to the touch and environmentally friendly 🌿
• Origin: A Belgian creation with a neat European manufacture in a professional and renowned workshop in Portugal 🇧🇪🇵🇹

Ecological commitment 🌍
By choosing this T-shirt, you are opting for sustainable fashion. Organic cotton guarantees a culture without pesticides and respectful of workers and the planet 🌱.

European craftsmanship 🛠️
We are proud of our European manufacturing, which combines craftsmanship with the highest ethical and qualitative standards. Our workshop in Portugal is known for its expertise and attention to detail ✨.

Limited edition ⏳
This T-shirt is produced in limited quantities, thus ensuring its exclusivity and uniqueness. Do not miss the opportunity to own this exceptional piece 🔥.

Add a touch of mythology and timeless style to your wardrobe with the TREBIUS VALENS IMPORTANT LOGO T-shirt. A room that not only dresses you, but tells a story and radiates a positive energy 🌟.

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19.67 € 34.00 €

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